The Lubuskie Region of Poland
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A contemporary and historical virtual picture gallery of the towns and places of interest of Lubuskie, western Poland





schwiebus lebus

A beautiful 'Gruss aus' lithographic picture postcard of Schwiebus (Świebodzin), East Brandenburg, c.1899.

schwiebus bahnhof swiebodzin

A vintage postcard of a steam train at the railway station in Schwiebus (Świebodzin), Brandenburg, c.1901

schwiebus swiebodzin

An old picture postcard of Adolf Hitler Strasse in Schwiebus (Świebodzin), Brandenburg / Neumark , c.1936.

Schwiebus, Neumark / Silesia / Brandenburg, Germany - now Swiebodzin, Lubuskie, Poland

         A picture postcard of the town of Schwiebus, Brandenburg / Neumark, Germany. Photo taken during the 1920s


schwiebus schlesien swiebodzin

The center of the German town of Schwiebus / Swiebodzin, c.1939.

See some pictures of Świebodzin, Lubuskie, Poland, today.               



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