The Lubuskie Region of Poland
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A contemporary and historic virtual picture gallery of the towns and places of interest of Lubuskie, Poland

a no-frills grill bar offering fast food in Lubuskie, Polen


the underground bunkers near Miedzyrzecz. part of a vast defensive system built by Germany in the 1930s


Jeswish headstone in a Jewish cemetery in Lubuskie, western Poland

horse and cart transport, lubuskie, polen

Places of interest in Lebus, Polen

Prisoner of War camps - Lubuskie, Poland

German underground defensive system visited by and built on the orders of Adolf Hitler during the 1930s.

Dinosaur park. Cheap rooms and truckstop restaurant

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Restaurants in Lubuskie

The Lubuskie region offers visitors not only wonderful forests, extensive lakes, unspoilt countryside and historic sites, it is also a great place to sample traditional Polish and European food. This section of our website offers details of some of those places to eat and visitors the chance to offer their own review and opinions of the eatery in question. See also our own personal favourite places to eat in Lubuskie, western Poland.



Gospoda Restarant Bar


Gorzow Wlkp

Celtic Pub Restaurant

Don Vittorio Italian Restaurant

Mezzoforte Pizzeria

Pizzeria OK

Pod Zielonym Abażurem Pub

Świstak Drink-Bar



Pod Lipami Restauracja

Zamek Joannitów



Eden Restauracja

Rusałka Restaurant



Polonez Restauracja



Piastowska Restauracja

Roma Pizzeria

Sekret Restauracja


Nowa Sól

Oranżeria Restauracja



Parys Kawiarnia

Villa Toscania Hotel Restaurant



Pod Świerkami Restauracja



Dom nad Rzeką

Nastolatka Restaurant

Roma Pizzeria

Verona Pizzeria

Wiejce Palace

Zajazd u Marka


Strzelce Krajeńskie

Rycerska Restauracja



Euforia Pizzeria Restaurant



Bajka Restaurant

Hetmańska Restaurant



Duet Pizzeria

Nova Restauracja



Herbaciarnia Tearooms

U Sebka Pizzeria

Tomax Mini Max Bar



 Piastowska Restauracja


Zielona Góra

Bohomaz Kawiarnia

Cicha Przystań Tawerna

Figaro Restaurant

Mamma Mija Pizza Bar



Please contact us if you would like to see your own restaurant, bar or cafe featured on our website about the wonderful province of Lubuskie, western Poland.


Ponies at a truck stop cafe bar just outside the city of Gorzów Wlkp, Lebus, Polen


a typical Polish country church

coffin portraits on a museum wall, lubuskie, poland

Polish King - władysław jagiełło

Polish culture, German history - Lubuskie region of Greater Poland

canoeing and kayaking on the river Obra in western Poland

Watch out for cows on the road all over Lubuskie, Poland

working steam trains in Wolstzyn, western Poland.  A trainspotters paradise


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