The Lubuskie Region of Poland
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A contemporary and historic virtual picture gallery of the towns and places of interest of Lubuskie, Poland

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Places to Eat in Poland

Good Restaurants and Places to Eat in Lubuskie

 Lubuskie is a province in the far west of Poland, around an hour's drive from Berlin (Germany). Here are some of our recommendations for good restaurants and other places to eat in the region. They range from small cafes and truck-stop eateries through to pizzerias and up to the finest restaurants. All have offered good service and food on previous visits. For a more comprehensive list of cafes, pizzerias and restaurants in Lubuskie, with the chance to add your own review, try our Restaurants in Lubuskie page.


Don Vittorio Restaurant

ul. Sikorskiego 21

66-400 Gorzów Wlkp


Lech Restauracja

ul. Szeroka 2

66-210 Zbąszynek


Zajazd u Marka

ul. Główna 85
66-440 Trzebiszewo



ul..Żymierskiego 23
66-620 Gubin


Paradyż, Cafe - Kawiarnia

Gościkowo 3
66-203 Gościkowo


Piastowska Restauracja

ul. Młyńska 3
66-300 Międzyrzecz


Pizzeria OK

ul. Warszawska 68

66-400 Gorzów Wlkp


Restauracja Pod Lipami

Zamkowa 11
66-220 Łagów Lubuski


Rusalka Restaurant

pl. Wolności 6

69-210 Lubniewice



Interactive map of region


Satellite map of area

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Second World war history - underground bunkers

steam locomotives in the west of Poland


tower block apartment blocks in Gorzow wlkp Poland

Lubniewice in the Lubuskie lakes, Lebus, Polen - better than the Mazury lakes!

truck-stop type restaurant motel on road from Gorzow to Poznań


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