The Lubuskie Region of Poland
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A contemporary and historic virtual picture gallery of the towns and places of interest of Lubuskie, Poland

Rokitno Church, sanctuary and pilgrimage centre


the underground bunkers near Miedzyrzecz. part of a vast defensive system built by Germany in the 1930s

a converted palace - now a luxury hotel and conference centre


a uniquely decorated house in western Poland!

horse and cart transport, lubuskie, polen

Places of interest in Lebus, Polen

Prisoner of War camps - Lubuskie, Poland

German underground defensive system visited by and built on the orders of Adolf Hitler during the 1930s.

Dinosaur park. Cheap rooms and truckstop restaurant

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Places of Interest

Apart from the wonderful forests, extensive lakes, unspoilt countryside and the countless fascinating churches and shrines of the Polish province of Lubuskie, in the far west of the country, Lubuskie is blessed with an enormous number of unique things to do and places to visit. Here are just a few of the more unusual things the province has to offer the adventurous visitor.


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Bledzew - 18th century timber framed water mill. A lake north of the town is supposedly the home of the near legendary 'Obra river monster'. Poland's Loch Ness Monster!


Brody - the ruins of the Bruehl palace.


Bytom Odrzanski - penitential or murderers crosses.


Dobiegniew - The site of Oflag IIc Woldenburg - the largest German Prisoner of War camp. Museum.


Gorzow Wielkopolski - 14th century Gothic cathedral. 18th century timber framed granary housing museum.


Goscikowo - 'Paradise on Earth'. Wonderful, not-to-be missed church and monastery complex. Superb gardens.


Gubin - 16th century town hall. Late-Gothic defensive walls and towers.


Klepsk - beautiful Lutheran church with 16th century wall paintings.


Kostrzyn nad Odra - the ruins of the 16th century military stronghold destroyed in 1945. Nearby Knights Templar chapel at Chwarszczany.


Lagow - Lakes, 14th century Knights of St John castle. Fragments of 15th and 16th century city walls with gates. Lagow Landscape Park. Annual film festival.


Lubniewice - The smallest town in Poland has much to offer tourists. Three great lakes, ideal for lovers of fishing, canoeing and water sports. 18th century castle palace. 18th century timber framed bookshop. Neo-Renaissance palace. Horse riding.


Miedzyrzecz - 14th century castle. An impressive collection of coffin portraits in the town museum. The vast network of German underground fortified defences and bunkers. Possible location for famous lost 'Amber Room'. Classicist town hall.


Mysliborz - now located  in Zachodniopomorskie (western Pomerania), but within spitting distance of Lubuskie. Superb 14th century Gothic defensive walls with gates and towers.


Nowiny Wielkie - Dinosaur Park


Obra River - probably the finest canoe and kayak river in Poland.


Ochla - Ethnographic open air museum.


Pszczew - Beekeeping open air museum and shoemaking museum. Yearly Magdalen Fair and Festival.


Skwierzyna - A well-preserved and little-known Jewish cemetery.


Słonsk - Ruined palace of the Knights of St. John. Warta National Park - a must for bird watchers and lovers of nature.


Sulecin - 14th century Gothic church of St. Nicolaus.


Statue of Jesus Christ in Swiebodzin.


Swierkocin - Zoo safari with zebra, antelopes, camels, lamas, buffalos, pets' corner and adjoining amusement park.


Wolsztyn - just across the border in neighbouring Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland), but well worth a visit, is the oldest operating mainline steam engine depot in Europe. A must for steam train enthusiasts. Annual steam locomotive parade in May. Robert Koch science museum.


Zagan - site of the German Stalag Luft 3 POW camp, made famous by the 'Great Escape' of 80 allied prisoners via a tunnel. Museum with replica escape tunnel!


Nuns cleaning a Catholic church interior, Lubuskie Poland

Explore old, lost German cemeteries in what is now Poland


a typical Polish country church

coffin portraits on a museum wall, lubuskie, poland

Lutheran church interior, Lubuskie, Polen

Polish culture, German history - Lubuskie region of Greater Poland

canoeing and kayaking on the river Obra in western Poland

Watch out for cows on the road all over Lubuskie, Poland

working steam trains in Wolstzyn, western Poland.  A trainspotters paradise


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